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The Grocery Shopping Choices

Finding the best places to shop is essential to many people. Sometimes we do a one-stop-shop and get everything at a single location. It is in our interest to have information about where we can go for the best prices. Here is a strategy:

Warehouse Clubs like Sam’s Club or Costco

These big stores have great prices when you buy large sizes or multiples of a product. There is a benefit to the discount as long as you need all the items. A goal for shopping here would be to obtain the basic staples that you know you will use. Look into buying your paper products, cleaning products, and condiments there.

Local Supermarkets

Most people stop at these stores and get as much done there as possible. The key to shopping at the grocery store is to know the sales and join their emails and loyalty programs. Watch for all your needs and keep an eye on the sales. Stores often have lead in sales that bring you into the store. Get lower prices and don’t spend on the other things until you can get a deal on those. Watch for manager specials and unmarked sales.

Area Farmer’s Markets

Support local farmers by shopping their stands. The fruits, veggies, and meats are at their peak of freshness. Buying from them helps boost agriculture in your area. Watch for sales and take the time to talk. Look for jars of jelly, honey, and syrup. Often there are recipes available too.

Online Shopping

Some recipes call for ingredients that are hard to find. Rather than go store to store, it pays to make some purchases online. Some people need international items, gluten-free or vegan products that are not readily available in every area. Research the online options and purchase them there.

Always have a plan for what you need. Without a plan, we end up getting too much or too little!



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