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Milk Power

Milk is a staple in many homes. But the real question is, do we know about drinking it on a fitness journey? When is the best time to drink it to maximize the muscle gaining potential? Milk is packed with calcium and protein and has all the necessary vitamins needed to help build muscular growth and strength. Along with being vital in the repair of our muscles, here are some other milk powers that can assist in your fitness journey.

Weight Loss
Packing on muscle can be a long process that typically starts with trimming body weight and fat. Shedding those unwanted pounds doesn’t mean you aren’t going to lose gained muscle, but it can help with muscle tone and definition. Adding low-fat or skim milk to your diet can be a weight loss factor versus eliminating dairy completely.

Add to Your Post Workout
Having a post-workout protein drink will benefit your body by adding milk instead of water. This can enhance muscle gain and recovery. Milk can also increase the flavor of the protein drink. Doing your drink after your workout more enjoyable makes you more likely to stay on the routine with your supplements.

Full Body Fitness
While muscle gain may be at the forefront for some, overall fitness is a fantastic goal as well. A nutrition plan that includes drinking some milk can improve your good cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and it is also essential for building healthy bones. Your skeletal system is vital to having complete overall health and it is the foundation of what we pack muscles around.



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