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Hunt for Fitness

Easter is right around the corner, and while we may have plans on top of plans with family and close ones, our fitness routine does not have to be put on hold. I am sure all of us at some point have partaken in a fun-filled Easter egg hunt. A great activity to get kids involved with, a fitness-based hunt this year will both allow us to spend quality time with friends and family while staying on track and achieving valuable exercise. Exercises can be placed inside plastic eggs and placed in various areas either around your home or at your favorite park. Feel free to be creative and have as much fun as possible with this holiday but here are a few examples to get the ideas started.


Starting your fitness inspired Easter egg hunt with some cardio will allow your body to warm up and stay safe. For example, walking/jogging/running a lap around the block before looking for your first eggs will get a nice sweat going. You can also incorporate some cardio exercises into your opening set of Easter eggs. Activities such as jump rope, burpees, and squat jumps will begin to burn some calories.


The next group of Easter eggs can include exercises centered on building and strengthening muscles. Unless you have decided to do your hunt inside the weight room, you may not have enough weights to scatter throughout your hunt. Body weight exercises such as pushups, pullups, squats, or dips can target muscles all over your body and tone you up fast!


As your workout winds down and you are searching for the last eggs of your hunt, focusing on your core muscles provide you valuable exercise as your body cools down. Placing exercises such as bicycle kicks, crunches, or planks force you to control your breathing and contract important muscles the entire duration of the time.

You can also get competitive with your Easter egg hunt. If you have an exercise partner or enjoy working out with your significant other, try letting them fill your eggs with exercises and place them while you do the same for them. Now you will have someone to battle against and will increase the intensity in which you perform the exercises.



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