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Benefits of Beachbody vs. Other Fitness Plans

When it comes to following a personal fitness plan, there are multiple ways to achieve success. There is not just one set way to achieve a healthy body because everyone’s body is different and unique. Finding a plan that fits your lifestyle will give you the greatest opportunity to reach the goals you set. Beachbody programs provide an all-around approach to gaining total fitness and transforming your body. Other plans, such as a “Weight Watchers” or “Nutrisystem” for example, only provide you with one aspect of what it takes to shed those unwanted pounds. A program like 21 Day Fix from Beachbody provides you with a full outline of meal prepping and a great workout program to go along with it. Here are a few other benefits you will gain by electing to use a Beachbody approved program compared to other programs.

Flexible Meal Prep

21 Day Fix is a fantastic program because it does the heavy thinking for you by telling you how much you are allowed to eat. The only thing you need to decide is what you want to eat. It provides you with a detailed outline of foods from each food group that are 21 Day Fix approved and you can create meal combinations from there. Many of your favorite family recipes can be altered to meet 21 Day Fix approval so instead of having to settle for boxed meals or spend time counting points, you can enjoy what you eat.


Workouts Included

21 Day Fix from Beachbody not only gives you all the tools needed to create a healthy meal plan, but the workouts trim your body into shape as well. Other programs may leave you to figure out what your exercise routine will be and where you will be exercising. As we mentioned before, for some people, plans that are only focused on the “diet” side of things can work. But fitness is a lifestyle, so why not find a program that gives you the greatest chance to achieve ongoing success. This can also benefit your time management by allowing you the opportunity to exercise in the comfort of your own home and not waste time traveling to and from a gym.


Power of a Community

The Beachbody community is such a powerful resource to utilize on your journey to becoming more physically fit. One benefit that is difficult to place a price tag on is having a personal Beachbody coach there by your side to keep you on track and support you with anything you may need. Dropping pounds, packing on muscle and transforming your lifestyle is difficult and for some of us having a powerful community walking with us can be the key to success.




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