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Squash 101

How often have you wanted to try squash in a recipe and have been scared because you are not sure how to take on cutting it up?

Here are a few tips for butternut squash:

Select A Ripe Butternut Squash:

When shopping for ripe butternut squash, you want to look for certain things with a squash.

  • Darker in color: the darker the shade of beige is better
  • Stay away from green patches: find a squash that is uniformly beige, free of any cuts and blemishes
  • Matte finish: the skin should be more matte (versus shiny) – think of photos
  • Pick the squash that feels like it weighs the most for its size
  • Tap the squash. You want one that sounds hollow inside

Prepping the Squash


Use a sharp peeler and peel from the middle to the stem in both firm and wide strokes. Then repeat from the other end until the squash is completely peeled.


With the squash laying on its side, trim the top and bottom with a sharp kitchen knife. Then cut the squash in half through the middle. You then have your top and bottom.

Cut the top and bottom in half lengthwise and scrape out the seeds and pulp with a spoon. It seems familiar to many because that is what you do with pumpkins.  You can roast these seeds also the way you do pumpkin seeds.

A 2-lb squash equals 5 cups cubed or 6 cups spiralized if you go that way.

Do not let that squash intimidate you!



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