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Healthy Holiday Habits

The holidays bring on cheer and emotions, and that means finding ways to maintain your health goals would be beneficial. It is much easier to stay at your current weight than loose pounds that may come with the season.

Here are a few strategies that help you feel good and look great.

Some Ways to Help you Maintain

  • There is no reason to run out and change your eating plan. In fact, stay consistent with what you have been doing.  Rotate your food, so eating is not boring, but stay with what has been working for you.
  • If you find yourself at a party, make smart decisions. Instead of having chips with dip, swap out the chips and have veggies instead.
  • Remember that having a few drinks can impact your health goals. The alcohol by itself is not the biggest factor, but it does impact the way you think about food and may lead to the munchies.
  • Have some home cooking adventures instead of doing takeout this month. Cooking at home is fun, more beneficial to your health journey, and you learn a lot about food.

What about Workouts?

  • Maintain your workout schedule. Even if you are pressed for time, stay consistent with what you have been doing. You can go for a change up and add a twist by doing a different workout every once in a while. Increase your session by a few more minutes when you know you have an event to attend.

Remember that skipping your workout a few times will reduce your motivation to keep going.

Soar through the holidays while maintaining instead of gaining!



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